Terms & Conditions

  1. The Priority Traveller membership card is not transferable. The card may not be used by any person other than the member. Please note that improper use of the card could constitute fraud.
  2. It is not a credit card, nor proof of creditworthiness
  3. In order to benefit from membership you must:
    a) always be in possession of a valid Priority Traveller membership card.
    b) pay for goods or services by cash, cheque or credit card at the time of check-out, unless specifically stated otherwise.
    c) observe any conditions listed in the directory or displayed by the establishment or service, provided it is authorised by Priority Traveller.
  4. Your Priority Traveller membership card should be presented on arrival, before payment and before the receipt or bill is produced.
  5. Priority Traveller cannot be held responsible for disputes that may occur between the member and an establishment or service, although every endeavour is made to ensure that information is correct.
  6. Your Priority Traveller card remains the property of Priority Traveller, and must be surrendered on demand in any case of use or attempted use contrary to these terms and conditions.
  7. Establishments listed in Priority Traveller's directories have signed agreements with Priority Traveller to grant the stated concessions to holders of valid Priority Traveller membership cards. Any instance where the card is not honoured should be reported to Priority Traveller, together with full details and receipts. Priority Traveller will endeavour to rebate the monies rightly owed. However, Priority Traveller cannot be held responsible if establishments are taken over, or cease trading.
  8. Some facilities offered as part of Priority Traveller services are provided by contractors over whom Priority Traveller has no control. Priority Traveller will endeavour to ensure the benefits are upheld, but cannot guarantee the facilities will be available.
  9. Discounts apply only to bookings made through Priority Traveller Hotel Reservation Service, direct with the hotel or through the chain central reservations office as per the instructions given.
  10. Priority Traveller cannot accept responsibility for printing errors, omissions, changes or misrepresentations which may occur, particularly if a directory becomes out of date.
  11. The renewal and/or continuation of Membership shall be at the option of Priority Traveller in their sole discretion.
  12. A member may resign his membership at any time by letter addressed to the Club but shall be liable for his subscription for the year during which he resigns. If resignation is made after the renewal date, no refund will be applicable.
  13. Discounts may not be applicable during certain periods such as Trade Fairs, Conferences, Exhibition Periods etc. Rack rates are subject to change without notice, so always obtain confirmation of your rate when making reservations. Rate bands may also be affected by changes to the currency exchange rates.
  14. No refund on membership will be made if the Application is made through a member-get-a-member promotion.